Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin began his artistic training in Detroit, at Center for Creative Studies-School of Art and Design, now known as College for Creative Studies. He then completed a Master of Arts program at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Andy began his career as a Master Printer in 1987 at Gemini G.E.L in Los Angeles. In 1988 he moved to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s prestigious Tandem Press, where he worked with nationally and internationally renowned artists, such as Jim Dine, Judy Pfaff and Sam Gilliam. He has also taught printmaking at Indiana University in Bloomington, and currently teaches at UW-Madison. Andy has led printmaking workshops throughout the United State and his own work has appeared in many national exhibitions.

Raised in a progressive family, Andy has always been politically active, from his early days of accompanying his mother to anti-Vietnam War rallies in Washington D.C., to including his own family in anti-Scott-Walker rallies and the grass roots demonstrations that began in 2017. In his own words, “Progressive causes are human causes. A liberal agenda is a human agenda. These are causes worth speaking out about and working for.”

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